19 – Team Kingsfold: Gill Bahnsen aboard “Kingsfold” (Stevenson Weekender 16′)


S/V Kingsfold is a Stevenson Weekender (16-foot plywood and stringers, gaff-rigged sailboat) built with some carefully considered and researched modifications to make it safer in the unprotected waters of the Race to Alaska. (Details available here: https://kingsfoldsailboat.blogspot.com/2020/01/some-of-my-thinking-behind-my-changes.html) Not only safer, but more accommodating for a couple of guys to cruise in for extended distances.

25 years ago I got infected with the sailing bug when I got to crew on my older sister’s 27 foot sailboat. That opportunity went away a few years later, but the desire for my own boat remained. In 2011 I bought the plans for a Stevenson Weekender, figuring I could build as I had funds and time. A few years later, I learned about the Race to Alaska and started thinking, “What if?” Then I learned about the Barefoot Raid and Salish 100 and figured, “Hey, those too!” (Lots of details are available on my boat construction blog at www.KingsfoldTravelogues.com.)

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