3 — Team Ballpoint Buccaneers: Quill Goldman, Mitch Burns, and Tim Stanton aboard “Dick Smiley” (19’ Tad Roberts)


Quill Goldman grew up on B.C’s coast, and is a graduate of the Silva Bay Shipyard School, class 99/2000. Co-builder and co-skipper of the winning boat of the first Shipyard School Raid, Quill went on to compete in all of these early events. After ringing the bell in Ketchikan as the “final winner” in 2015, Quill determined to return Raiding to the Salish Sea. After cooking up a course and a set of rules designed specifically to favour his own boat, he set out to lure unsuspecting participants into this rigged spectacle. As the current holder of the Raiding trophy, Quill’s will be the boat to beat if you want to take this prize home.

Mitch Burns is a shy, reserved soul, inclined to deep introspection. When asked to describe himself his carefully worded reply is that he “Enjoys long sails along the beach”

Tim Stanton says : I love playing on water ,salty is one of my favorite flavours. It is an honour to be a stroker/movable ballast aboard such a craft among these people , I look forward to getting salty with you all.

“The Dick Smiley was the final winner of the first R2AK. Designed by Tad Roberts for Barefoot Wooden Boats. This was also the only purpose built boat to complete that years course. With a Kevlar set in Ecopoxy on ply bottom, and lapstrake topsides, the Dick Smiley is a modern classic that turns heads, mostly for its lack of a transom. This boat sports dyneema rigging, and Mylar sails on a carbon mast, and has carbon fibre appendages sprouting from its trunnel fastened, lapstrake hull.”

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