Ahoy, Raider. Welcome!

All smiles aboard Dick Smiley.

The origins of Raiding are lost in the mists of time. Safe to say that as long as people have been taking boats out on the water, groups of boaters have been plying oar and sail, for adventure, exploration, and to visit mayhem on their neighboring communities.

Frozen, grim, Norseman in their longboats; soggy, determined Haida in their war canoes; and sun-baked Island-hopping Polynesians; all have played their part in inspiring modern seafarers to group together and set forth into the unknown (with carefully mapped, detailed itineraries). Following in their wakes and the footsteps of others — the Great Glen Raid in Scotland, Raid Finland, the Croisiere Loire, predecessors in Portugal and Sweden, and Water tribe events in Florida, and more — Tad Roberts was the first in living memory to bring this type of organized voyaging to the Salish Sea.

Source: Seattle Times

The Silva Bay Shipyard Raids had 6 good years of adventuring (2005-2010) and laid the groundwork for today’s breed of small boat enthusiasts. These early trips served as inspiration for the ever-popular Race to Alaska (R2AK), which begat the no-sail, human-powered 70/48, as well as a new Raid in France (the Morbihan Challenge), and now this, the Barefoot Raid.

Barefoot Wooden Boats participated in all 6 of the Shipyard Raids, and the inaugural R2AK. With a thirst for more of this kind of adventure and with interest in small-boat voyaging at an all time high, Barefoot Wooden Boats,  and the BCTSCA, have put together the 2018 Barefoot Raid.

The Salish Sea is renowned as one of the most majestic waterways in the world. We hope you’ll join us in exploring this diverse natural beauty.